Staffan is a beautiful village which I have been working closely with its residents to ensure it remains this way. There has been marked changes in the area that I have helped the community members achieve as of late.

Picturesque Straffan Village

The Tidy Towns committee flagged to me that improvements were required for the footpaths and ramps in and around the village and in housing estates. We have ensured that the infrastructures of the footpaths have been improved for pedestrians. The speed ramps have also all been repaired.

I work closely with the residents associations of Straffan to ensure that the community is receiving all the support it requires from the council. Recently this included trimming of hedges and trees. I was instrumental in securing the erection of new signs located at the entrance to the village highlighting the success of Straffan in the Tidy Towns competition.

The Straffan GAA club have submitted a planning request to the council which I assisted them with. The application process can be daunting so I volunteered my services to members of the club and recently this application has been confirmed as successful by the council.

Straffan F.C. has been involved in much fundraising for their new pitch. I am a supporter of the football club and their commitment to improving their facilities.  I have assisted them with as much fundraising and sponsoring as possible and I am actively working with them trying to locate new grounds so that they can continue to thrive in the community.

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