Progress for Pedestrians over Liffey Bridge in Celbridge says O’Rourke


Local Fianna Fail TD, Frank O Rourke, has been informed that a consultant has been appointed to carry out a feasibility study on the options available for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the Liffey Bridge and to select one.  “The National Transport Authority (NTA) have informed me that a consultant, Clifton Scannell and  Emerson Associates have been appointed to undertake a feasibility study which will identify the potential options to address the issues for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Liffey Bridge and recommend a preferred option.”

“I believe that the consultant will have their work completed by the end of Quarter 1 this year. I have made representations to provide a safer option for pedestrians and cyclists crossing the bridge and I am delighted that we are now seeing progress.”

“I am confident that a preferred option will be identified by April 2018 and there will be a public consultation process undertaken in relation to whatever proposal emerges from this study.”

“I will keep in touch with all stakeholders to ensure that we get a solution implemented as soon as possible. A safer route is needed for pedestrians and cyclists.”

“I will also keep the pressure on to secure funding for a second bridge in Celbridge. Last month, I was informed that Kildare County Council is to appoint a consultant, following the tender process, whose function will be to carry out a capital appraisal assessment for the construction of a new bridge in Celbridge,” concluded Deputy O’Rourke.

NTA Letter

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