Motions and Questions for the October Celbridge/Leixlip Municipal District Meeting


  1. That the Council carry out a traffic survey on the Clane road between the Shackleton road junction and the Esso service station to determine if traffic calming is necessary.

Answer: The Council after carrying out this survey agrees there is a problem. They will now come back to me with a traffic calming proposal for this section of road.

  1. That the Council inspect the road surfacing in Highfield Park, Leixlip and include this estate into their road surfacing programme for 2016.

Answer: This will be inspected and included in the road surfacing programme.


  1. Can the speed ramp signs on Aghards road be fixed the correct way and the signs on the approach to Aghards school be reviewed and replaced.

Answer: This will be carried out in the coming weeks.

  1. Can the Council plan that major traffic disruption works in this M.D such as road re-surfacing will be done during off-peak such as evening\night time.

Answer: The Council will consider this for the future and plan works with this in mind.

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