Motions and Questions for the November Celbridge\Leixlip Municipal District Meeting


  1. That the Council investigate the ponding in front of house No.13 Primrose Hill, Celbridge and put in place a solution to this problem.

Answer: The Council investigated this problem and will have this problem solved.

  1. That the Council investigate the possibility of installing a street light in the lane way between Forest Park and Castletown in Leixlip to improve safety for all residents and members of the public.

Answer: The Lighting department in the Council will investigate this request and look to have the lighting improved at this location.


  1. Can the Council replace the current litter bin at Thornhill Gardens, Celbridge with a larger one.

Answer: The Council will consider this request.

  1. Can the Council consider solutions which will assist in preventing incidents occurring at the bends on the Celbridge to Barberstown Road.

Answer: The Council are currently implementing solutions at this location as a result of my request.

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