Motions and Questions for the March Celbridge/Leixlip Municipal Area Meeting


1. That the Council would install solar speed warning signs on the Ardclough Road between Simmonstown and Temple Manor to improve safety for all road users and in particular for traffic accessing Temple Manor.

Answer: The Council will look to install appropriate solar speed warning signs at this location which I have requested.

2. That the Council write to the OPW and request them to carry out the necessary repair work to the concrete bollards inside the Castletown Gates and also to inspect the cobble-block inside the gates and carry out repairs where necessary.

Answer: Kildare County Council have written to the O.P.W as per my request in relation to the issues I have raised.


1. Can the Council give an update on the Sli-Na-Slainte sign at the Castletown Gates on Celbridge Main Street, is it to be removed or straightened and painted.

Answer: The Council will organise this work to be undertaken at my request.

2 Can the Council, when weather allows re-instate the road marking on Aghards Road at the different locations which were removed due to the recent road re-surfacing.

Answer: The Council will re-instate all the road markings on Aghards road. This will be carried out by the contractor in the coming weeks.

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