Motions and Questions for the January Celbridge\Leixlip Municipal Area Meeting


  1. That the Council investigates the areas on the road network within the Celbridge\Leixlip Municipal Area where major flooding took place recently and carry out the appropriate remedial works to prevent reoccurrence.

Answer: The Council are looking at the areas which flooded and will be carrying out all necessary works to prevent any reoccurrence.

  1. That the Council include into their programme of works the cleaning of graffiti etc. of all advance warning signs in the Celbridge\Leixlip Municipal Area.

Answer: All advance warning signs that are identified will be cleaned within the Municipal Area.


  1. Can the Council carry out repairs to the speed ramp signs in Ardclough Village.

Answer: This work will be carried out.

  1. Can the Council install a gully in front of houses No. 93 to 97 Beatty Park to solve the issue of major water ponding.

Answer: The Council will investigate this issue and then put a solution in place

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