Motions and Questions for the February Celbridge/Leixlip Municipal Area Meeting


1. That the Council at the request of the River Forest Residents in Leixlip consider installing a footpath across the Green area in River Forest beside the Library as Pedestrians are crossing this green daily to access all services. A footpath would keep the area looking better and provide a better infrastructure.

Answer: The Council confirmed that they will look at this issue and come up with a solution that is in keeping with the area. It will put on the works programme and will be carried out in conjunction with funding.

2. That the Council carry out repairs to the footpaths in Wheatfied, Ardclough at the following locations: back entrance to house No. 1166, in front of house No’s 1168 & 1169, opposite house No 1168 around manhole and in front of house No. 1119

Answer: The Council have confirmed that these repairs will be carried out in the coming weeks.


1. Can Kildare County Council remove the chewing gum from the footpaths on Celbridge Main Street to assist the groups which are working to promote tourism in Celbridge and the surrounding area.

Answer: This project will be carried out by the Council

2. Can the Council re-instate the road marking on the Celbridge\Leixlip interchange (junction 6) and the link road to Intel and Leixlip which have faded away in different locations on the surfacing.

Answer: The Council will request the N.R.A to re-do the lining as they are responsible for the interchanges associated with motorways.

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