Drugs Payment Threshold Should Be Reduced in Budget says O’Rourke


Local Fianna Fail TD, Frank O’Rourke, has called on the Government to reduce the monthly threshold applicable under the Drugs Payment Scheme. Deputy O’Rourke made the comments in the context of reducing the cost of living for people.

“Under the Drugs Payment Scheme, you pay a maximum of €144 in a calendar month for approved prescribed drugs, medicines and certain appliances for use by yourself and your family in that month. This equates to an annual threshold of €1,728, which is a significant outlay on any family with health issues.”

“Reducing this, even by a modest amount of €14 per month to €130 per month would provide direct help for those that most need it. I am having discussions with my colleague Deputy Michael McGrath, our Finance Spokesperson, on this issue as I want it on our agenda for discussions with the Government in relation to our priorities for Budget 2018.”

“It is not all about reducing tax rates. It is about reducing the cost of living. As I have repeatedly said in relation to the rising costs of Motor Insurance, there is little point in reducing the Universal Social Charge (USC) if the Insurance Industry is going to retake a multiple of the reduction in USC with the increase in the cost of Motor Insurance.”

“Reducing the monthly threshold from €144 to €130 would provide a direct benefit to those that most need it. I believe that this is an issue which should be pursued by the Government in the forthcoming budget, and focus on reducing the cost of living for our citizens” concluded Deputy O’Rourke.

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