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Motions and Questions for the May Celbridge/Leixlip Municipal Area Meeting


1. That the Council re-instate all the cycle lanes on the approach roads to both Celbridge and Leixlip towns where the cycle lanes currently exist within the 50KM speed limit zones.

Answer: The Council will re-instate the cycle lanes in Celbridge and Leixlip as necessary. They will now include this into their work programme.

2. That the council replace the “Celbridge” sign located before the entrance to Crodaun No. 2 on the Maynooth road to enhance the entrance to Celbridge.

Answer: The Council have agreed to remove this sign as it is unnecessary. This will further improve this general area.


1. Can the Council look to restrict traffic for an agreed time period from entering the Hazelhatch Road as you exit Celbridge as a trial\pilot to see if it will assist in alleviating traffic congestion at this location during peak times.

Answer: After a detailed submission on my part, the Council will consider carrying out this trial in an effort to alleviate traffic congestion in this area at peak time. I will continue to keep this long outstanding issue as a main priority for me.

2. Can the Council carry out repairs to the kerbs\footpath at the junction outside the Bank of Ireland in Celbridge.

Answer: The Council have agreed to have these repairs carried out.

Motions and Questions for the April Celbridge/Leixlip Municipal Area Meeting


1. That the Council inspects the footpath that extends in front of the famine Graveyard in Celbridge and carries out the repairs where necessary along this complete section. 

Answer: The Council have inspected this footpath and have confirmed that they will carry out the necessary repair work. This is now included into their work programme.

2. That the Council in conjunction with the pay parking contractor introduces a pilot project in Celbridge and Leixlip to allow the public to pay for their parking by phone, text or credit card.

Answer: The Council will look into the feasibility of implementing this pilot project as requested.


1. Can the safety railings at the Aghards Road\Shackelton Road junction be repaired.

Answer: This repair work will be carried out by the Area Office.

2. Can the “Ardclough” sign on the Boston Road which was removed due to a recent incident be re-instated.

Answer: The Council will have this sign re-instated on the approach road to Ardclough.

Motions and Questions for the March Celbridge/Leixlip Municipal Area Meeting


1. That the Council would install solar speed warning signs on the Ardclough Road between Simmonstown and Temple Manor to improve safety for all road users and in particular for traffic accessing Temple Manor.

Answer: The Council will look to install appropriate solar speed warning signs at this location which I have requested.

2. That the Council write to the OPW and request them to carry out the necessary repair work to the concrete bollards inside the Castletown Gates and also to inspect the cobble-block inside the gates and carry out repairs where necessary.

Answer: Kildare County Council have written to the O.P.W as per my request in relation to the issues I have raised.


1. Can the Council give an update on the Sli-Na-Slainte sign at the Castletown Gates on Celbridge Main Street, is it to be removed or straightened and painted.

Answer: The Council will organise this work to be undertaken at my request.

2 Can the Council, when weather allows re-instate the road marking on Aghards Road at the different locations which were removed due to the recent road re-surfacing.

Answer: The Council will re-instate all the road markings on Aghards road. This will be carried out by the contractor in the coming weeks.

Motions and Questions for the February Celbridge/Leixlip Municipal Area Meeting


1. That the Council at the request of the River Forest Residents in Leixlip consider installing a footpath across the Green area in River Forest beside the Library as Pedestrians are crossing this green daily to access all services. A footpath would keep the area looking better and provide a better infrastructure.

Answer: The Council confirmed that they will look at this issue and come up with a solution that is in keeping with the area. It will put on the works programme and will be carried out in conjunction with funding.

2. That the Council carry out repairs to the footpaths in Wheatfied, Ardclough at the following locations: back entrance to house No. 1166, in front of house No’s 1168 & 1169, opposite house No 1168 around manhole and in front of house No. 1119

Answer: The Council have confirmed that these repairs will be carried out in the coming weeks.


1. Can Kildare County Council remove the chewing gum from the footpaths on Celbridge Main Street to assist the groups which are working to promote tourism in Celbridge and the surrounding area.

Answer: This project will be carried out by the Council

2. Can the Council re-instate the road marking on the Celbridge\Leixlip interchange (junction 6) and the link road to Intel and Leixlip which have faded away in different locations on the surfacing.

Answer: The Council will request the N.R.A to re-do the lining as they are responsible for the interchanges associated with motorways.

Motions and Questions for the January Celbridge/Leixlip Municipal Area Meeting


1. That the Council investigate and resolve the ponding that occurs on the Aghards road at the point for the pedestrian crossing at the Maynooth road\Aghards road signalised junction.

Answer: The Council have confirmed that this issue will be resolved. Kildare County Council have started these necessary works today (16\01\’15)

2. That the Council install traffic calming on the Lucan road approaching Celbridge village opposite the apartments to improve safety for the vulnerable road user at this location.

Answer: The Council have agreed to carry out a traffic\speed survey at this location to identify the extent of the problem. Based on the results of this survey a solutions will be investigated.


1. Can the Council give an update on the installation of the Aghards road signs in Celbridge.

Answer: The signs will be installed in the next two weeks.

2. Can the Council update as to when the signs will be re-instated at the Ardclough\Straffan\Kill junction which were removed due a road traffic accident.

Answer: The Celbridge Area Engineer has requested the Naas Area to re-instate these signs as they are now in the Naas M.D Area.


Motions and Questions for April


1. That the Council carry out the necessary repairs to the cobble block footpath and kerbs in front of Chris’s hair studio and at the entrance to Haven Hire on Celbridge Main Street in the interest of Pedestrian welfare.

Answer: This work will be carried out and has been included into there work programme.

2. That the Council carry out the following repairs in Killadoon Celbridge: 1.The footpaths opposite house No 5 and 14 and reinstate the kerb and grass verge on the bend opposite house No 7 which have been badly damaged by large vehicles.

Answer: This work has been all completed at my request.

3. That the Area Committee agree to requesting Kildare County Council to write on our behalf to the Citizen Information Senior Regional Manager in order for them to put in place a Citizens Information Centre or advice Clinics in Celbridge.

Answer: Kildare County Council will make this request on my behalf to have improved services in Celbridge. We are currently the only town that does not have this service locally. This is a service that is long overdue in our town.


1. Can the Council straighten the advance warning signal lights sign opposite the Salesian’s School on the Maynooth road in Celbridge.

Answer: This will be done by KCC at my request.

2. Can the Council consider installing a barrier opposite the pedestrian entrance to Aldi on the Aghards Road to assist with safety.

 Answer: The Council will investigate this issue at my request and carry out the appropriate works.

3. Can the Council review the number of signs on the Clane Road located on the approach to Celbridge Village just before the pedestrian lights after Esso and remove as appropriate.

Answer: The Council will remove all unnecessary signs on this road at my request.

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It is a great honour to be representing the vibrant communities of Ardclough, Celbridge, Straffan, Maynooth and Leixlip on the Kildare County Council. This blog is a source of valuable information about news and events occurring in these communities that I am involved in. I hope it will keep you informed of my ongoing work on your behalf.

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